360° Bulb Camera Full HD 1080P 2.4GHz WiFi With Video Camera Night Vision Detection Wireless Security Home WIFI Monitor


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Sherway Led Bulb Camera WiFi 2.4Ghz Night Vision Detection Wireless Security Camera Bulb 2MP Full HD 1080P 360° Bulb Camera Easy mounting No Punching IPTV 128GB TF SD card Home baby pet monitor

  • 【 HD Camera and Night vision 】1080P HD bulb security camera, including night vision function, can see clearly even in dark environment, can freely switch infrared night vision or white night vision function.

  • 【Remote viewing, two-way audio】 When going out, at any time through the mobile phone, light bulb camera built-in microphone and speaker to check the home situation, so that you can talk to your family quickly and easily. [Motion detection and real-time reminder function] When the smart camera detects a moving object, it will send a reminder to the phone. You can set the sensitivity according to your needs to get a better effect.

  • 【Easy Installation】 Just screw the dome surveillance camera into the E27 socket, turn on the power, and you can use the APP to connect and operate. Note that the bulb camera only supports 2.4GWIFI, so you will need to connect your phone and bulb to 2.4GWIFI in order to connect successfully.

  • 【Simple operation】 Only need to operate on the mobile phone. For example, using your phone to rotate the camera or turn the lights on or off. Equipped with a 128GB SD card, it can store and watch videos without using cloud storage.

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MP is the pixel meaning of the camera

Easy to install without drilling, installing the E27 camera is as easy as installing your own light bulb at home

The E27 socket camera has a 360 degree Angle rotation, so that people can check every detail of the home at any time, voice function can talk with family members and care about family members at any time, 1080P high-definition guaranteed picture clarity, with automatic save abnormal video and alarm function, once found strangers will automatically alarm to your mobile phone timely reminder. WiFi can be connected remotely, whether in the office or outdoors to see what's going on near home

360 degree rotation function, will not miss every corner of the home, no visual blind area, always defend their territory, and take care of their pets and childrenTwo-way voice intercom function: you can talk freely with the camera. Even if you are on business, you can easily communicate with your family at any time and let you know the real-time situation of your family at home

Infrared night vision function: even at night will not affect the definition of the camera, as clear as the day picture

Camera automatic detection alarm function: When a stranger breaks into your home or near the territory, it will automatically alarm your mobile phone to remind you that a stranger has passed by or entered, so that you can make the decision to deal with it in advance, safer and earlierThe camera's infrared night vision function works even in dark places to protect everything around itAutomatic alarm video saving function. When strangers appear and linger after the camera warns, the camera will automatically save the situation to the cloud storage or TFSD memory card for you to view or use as evidence for alarmSupport 1080P HD and two-way voice intercom/install 32GB/64GB/128GB/ memory card, WiFi2.4Ghz 4G connection, no cable, wireless connection, night vision light, mobile phone operation is easy and simpleThe 360-degree view is ideal for keeping an eye on pets and children without missing a blind spot128GB camera electronic universal memory card, not only used in the camera, can be used in drones, cameras, small robots and other digital products, other uses of memory card waiting for your discoveryLight bulb camera, mobile phone easy to use, at any time, even have not used the camera can easily controlIt can save video in the cloud and work automatically within WiFi rangeCheck the automatic stranger alarm to deter bad guys from trying to invade your propertyLight bulb camera supports cloud network storage and local SD,TF memory card storage, double guarantee, even if the camera is destroyed, it can retain the situation in the cloudMultiple devices are linked and shared, so you can analyze the footage in real time with your family1080P HD cameras are made of special materials that are not easily damaged and waterproof

Sensor Size

1MP 720P, 2MP 4G 1080P, 2MP 5G 1080P, 3MP 4G 1080P, 2MP 4G WIFI

Horizontal Resolution



Auto Varifocal


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